Hybrid Vigor is an entirely crowdfunded feature film being shot on location in Latvia. Our Kickstarter campaign was a Staff Pick and we won both Project of the Day and Project of the Week on Indiewire. 1,013 people from 33 different countries backed us and $57,237 was pledged.

For a limited time we are raising additional funds for the production of our film on this site. You can help us reach our goal by making a pledge for as little as $1. We have great rewards for everyone that backs us. This page details everything we have to offer for you backing us.

Take a couple minutes to read this page. It will be well worth your time.

Your Photo on our Official Poster

We are making a “photomosiac” movie poster for Hybrid Vigor using photos of all our backers. Yes, YOUR PHOTO can be on the official poster for the film! The example to the left was quickly made to illustrate the concept. The finished poster will be professionally done and on par with anything you would see at the cinema, with just one exception: you will be on it!

John T. Trigonis, the author of Crowdfunding for Filmmakers: The Way to a Successful Film Campaign, wrote about our campaign and said, “You’d expect to contribute at least $25 for this (poster) perk. Nope. Just a buck!”

Of course we’re offering much more than just this… (keep reading)

The Film

A mysterious girl is found living in a forest in Latvia. After being captured by the police she is taken to a mental institution in Riga. She doesn’t speak, but seems to understand everything. She doesn’t sleep, but never acts tired. Who is she and where is she from? Could she be connected to the disappearance of a little girl in the same area 20 years earlier? Most important, is she dangerous?

Hybrid Vigor is a film about life, death, violence, morality, immortality, love, and loss in the USSR during Soviet times and in present day Latvia. The film stars Velta Buka and Jevgenija Mirosnicenko. It’s written, produced and directed by Brandon Fowler. We are currently shooting on location in Latvia.


My name is Brandon. My first film was a low budget independent film I wrote when I was 18 years-old and directed when I was 20. The film co-starred Dee Wallace, Dennis Haskins and Joyce DeWitt. It was professionally done with a large crew of around 30 people and shot on 35mm film with Panavision cameras. Unfortunately the film negative and sound was stolen and the film has never been completed. I was able to recover the film negative, but was never able to get the sound.

A few years ago I Executive Produced the critically acclaimed arthouse film Loren Cass. Variety called it, “A starkly radical film debut of uncommon power and artistic principle.” The New York Times said it was, “Remarkable… One of the year’s great discoveries.” The film was solely the director’s vision. I was just there to help support the talent I saw in him.

I learned a lot working on my first film and even more in the years since. I got my start as a writer/director in this business at a very young age, but lost more than 10 years due to my first film being stolen and unfinished. The last decade did not go to waste though. I made a plan for how I would make my next film, Hybrid Vigor, and now I’m executing it.

We have been shooting off and on most of this year. Well over half of the film has been shot. Over 1,000 people from 33 countries have backed us financially so far. I can’t thank you all enough. It’s an incredibly humbling feeling to know that so many people have helped me achieve my dream. This film has become a reality. With your help we can see it through to completion.

Meet Mike

Mike is one of our Kickstarter backers. He went in big and got the “ON SCREEN” package. In October he flew to Riga, Latvia to shoot his walk on scene in the film. Here’s an interview he did talking about the experience and a first look at his scene from the film.

At least 3 more of our backers are flying to Latvia to be in the film. We plan to do a video like this for each one of them. If you are interested in being in the film like Mike and the others it’s not (yet) too late!

Film Credits

    • A FILM BY

    • Brandon Fowler
    • Executive Producer

    • Paul S. Wright
    • Co-Executive Producers

    • Willy Peng
    • Gari Biasillo
  • CAST

  • Velta Buka
  • Jevgenija Mirosnicenko
  • Roman Kaboško
  • Aleksandr Ivanov
  • Mike Altmann
  • Kevin O’Connor
  • Ženija Kaktiņa
  • Edgars Skordelis
  • Dace Gintere
  • Inga Meļķe

  • Katrina Tomasicka

  • Ilze Kauliņa
  • Lāsma Bērtule

  • Janis Abele
  • Ilvars Vegis
  • Igors Artjomenko

  • Valters Kruzkops
  • Ivars Burtnieks
  • Jurijs Skorobogatovs

  • Roman Kaboško
  • Evija Blagaja
  • Haralds Miltiņš

  • Raitis Valainis
  • Agnese Grube
  • Ieva Anševica
  • Associate Producers

  • Iris Saunders
  • Mike Altmann
  • Paula Mezrani
  • Jonas Ornstein
  • Karl U. Bucus
  • Timothy ‘The Impaler’ Schwader
  • Larry Fleming
  • Ross Mauri
  • Beverly Settle
  • Nicole Marie Gothgen
  • Jeannette Tucker
  • Steve McAleavy
  • Andy Palmer
  • Christine Brandt
  • Sabrina Petersen
  • Heather Brittain O’Scanlon
  • Susan Gordon
  • Jason Birchfield
  • Jason Brown
  • Mark Cline
  • Mariusz Lewandowski
  • Jennifer Van Gessel
  • Ted Tuerk
  • Sarah Boisvert
  • Jacob Langston
  • Claribel Torres
  • Marco Brondani
  • Alexander Steinhoff
  • Steven P. Gregory
  • Kimberley Sabo
  • K.C. Harry
  • Sherrie Richey
  • Dedrick Webb
  • kylie gusset
  • Liam Garvo
  • Benjamin Friedberg
  • Melissa Frank
  • Cathy Fleming
  • Jay Nystrom
  • Neil Pearlmutter
  • Anthony T Perretta
  • Brett Karpowicz
  • Peter A. Gøthgen
  • Vicky Humphrey
  • Annette Blansett
  • Tobias Fleischer
  • David L. Owens
  • Stephanie Malone
  • Melinda Blansett
  • Walker Haynes
  • Jeffrey A. Schultz
  • Christine Hatch
  • Melvin de Jesús Jiménez Nájera
  • Michael Moore
  • Darius Lyles
  • Harry Pulley
  • Tom Corwine
  • Thato Ramolahloane
  • Jonathan Kalbfeld
  • Gary Michael Watson
  • Kate O. Mowll
  • Amy M. Mayo
  • Shirlyn Davis
  • Elaine Smith Mead
  • Rock Shaink Jr.
  • Ross Montgomery
  • Tom Cunningham
  • Core Lawlor
  • Nick Tomé
  • Steve Harshfield
  • Colleen Losee
  • Jim Lounsbury
  • Jared Abrams
  • Shanda Renee
  • Erick von Schulz
  • Ryan Litwin
  • Sandy Hoffman
  • Liam Graves
  • Brett Bendrien
  • Amos Wenger
  • Silvio Ben
  • Jorren Schauwaert
  • Steve W. Layton
  • Andrew Hall
  • Greg Burch II
  • Jennifer Lynn Vogt
  • Catherine Lemanski
  • Amulio Jose Espinosa
  • Kelli Joan Bennett
  • Lauren Nicole
  • Kalley Powell
  • Khadir Cade
  • Mark Charles Adams
  • Dink Taylor
  • Sheree Callaway
  • Robert Callaway
  • Joanne Clayton
  • Jason Genser
  • Tony Reames
  • Vinh Dang
  • Justin Chung
  • Sergejs Timonins

  • Ieva Anševica
  • Zane Frolova
  • Jānis Jancāns
  • Gunārs Kātiņš
  • Gunta Kātiņa
  • Nils Matrozis
  • Jekaterina Mordasova
  • Gatis Samiņš
  • Džūlija Šijanova
  • Ilona Šijanova
  • Serges Šojanovs

Our film is currently in production so this page is not final and will be updated as we go.