And the 361st most popular Mystery film on the IMDb is…

I just posted today about how we are the 364th most popular Horror film on the IMDb this week. Well, we are doing quite well in the “Mystery” genre as well! We are currently the 361st most popular Mystery film on the IMDb!

You know what is the coolest thing about this? We are right behind the film Solaris. Andrei Tarkovksy, the director of Solaris, is one of my favorite directors.

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2013 will be the year of Hybrid Vigor.

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We are the 2nd most popular Latvian language film on the IMDb!

We are currently the #2 most popular “Latvian-Language” film on the IMDb! Not bad for a film still in production! #1 is an Alfred Hitchcock film that has a character named “Latvian” that apparently speaks Latvian. There are a number of languages in Hybrid Vigor. Mostly English, but Latvian can be heard throughout the film…

Here’s the link: